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Rear Axles and Wheels

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1300W Electric Yard Tractor


This page shows the overall garden tractor and the main assemblies that make it up. The tractor is about 1360 mm long and 890 mm wide. Top speed is about 6 or 7 mph but this depends upon the driving conditions and load being carried. It has forward and reverse variable speed drive, a tow bar pull of about 55kgf at the electric motors' rated torque (higher for short durations), disc brakes fitted to the rear drive, large width tyres and a geared steering arrangement for light steering. The front wheels are mounted on a pivoted beam axle which maintains all-wheel ground contact on uneven drive surfaces.

The rechargeable lead-acid battery pack is mounted low in the chassis between the front and rear wheels and contributes to the tractor's low center of gravity and stability. The 76 AmpH battery pack will give around 2 hours of continuous running time but again this is load, speed and operating condition dependent (at their rated torque the motors can draw about 28 Amps each). The drive to each rear wheel is from its own electric motor an arrangement which also produces effective differential behaviour for turning.

The yard tractor is fitted with a simple tow bar designed-in close to the rear axle and drive transmission, its design can be adjusted to suit your trailers and other implements.

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