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Assembly Sequence
Sheet 1 2 3

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Main Timber Chassis
for wheels, axles, electrical and mechanical drives, suspension, steering and braking
Upper Carriage for body, seating, & mudguards

Follow the Chassis and Carriage links to see more detailed images and descriptions/plans of the main sub-assemblies of the vehicle.

This page shows the overall vehicle. It has two main sub-assemblies - the removable upper carriage or body with seat, mudguards and bonnet access; and the main lower timber chassis which contains the drive elements, wheels & suspension, steering and batteries and electrical drive system. The voiturette is a 3/4 scale design and has room for seating a single adult driver. It is about 1.5m (59") long and 0.83m (33") wide and weights about 120kgf without rider. The seating position is characteristic of these veteran style vehicles and is set above the rear wheels and open to the weather! Top speed depends on the road and gradient conditions and driver weight but is approximately 12 mph and running time between charges should be in excess of 2 hours (again speed and load dependent).


The Voiturette is intended primarily as a slow speed leisure vehicle for use mainly for parade/show type activities. It should be driven modestly and with caution - due to the characteristic high center of mass of the design these vehicle types are simply not as stable in the turn as our modern day designs and must be driven accordingly. For safety the vehicle uses a 4 quadrant speed controller (for dynamic braking - the motor drive is permanently attached to the rear drive wheels) and has front fitted disc brakes which are mechanically independent of the drive system.

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