Steering rods with ball & socket joints for free movement and easy adjustment.

Steering wheel made from shaped plywood - or add you own!
Steel steering column.
Bottom torque arm.

steering column parts

Steering wheel torque connection to column by ground flats and clamp block.

The kart steering system is a simple construction with a main steel steering column operating a bottom torque arm which in turn moves one front wheel. A second tie rod connects the two wheels to make up the Ackerman geometry. The steering wheel can be shaped from 18mm - (3/4") plywood, or you can add your own. The main torque joints use ground flats on the column plus wooden clamping blocks for added security.

Ball and socket joints are used at the connecting rod ends to ensure smooth movement and easy setup and adjustment.

Remember to check out our Safety Guidance - always use your kart responsibly.

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