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- 500W dual motor powered Electric Kart.

- Forward & reverse drive.

- 2 stage reduction gear & chain transmission.

- Mechanically independent rear band brakes.

- Ackerman geometry steering.

- 24V 34AmpH Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery pack.

- Highly manoeuvrable with effective rear wheel differential behaviour.

- Wooden frame with steel strength components.

- 10" pneumatic wheels

500W electric kart

PLEASE NOTE - The pages provide free access to the assembly sheets from the kart plans set. The full paid-for set includes detailed part dimensions, some additional assembly procedure sheets, final overall assembly drawing sheets and the component & material buy-list.


This page shows the overall kart and the main assemblies that make it up. The kart is about 4.5 ft long and 1.9 ft wide and weights about 95lbs (43kgf) without rider. Top speed depends on the gearing ratio chosen at the build stage up to a maximum of about 12 mph for use on good hard and flat drive surfaces.

Remember to check out our Safety Guidance - always use your kart responsibly.

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