Fixed Front Axles - 5/8" bright steel round - the wheels have their own bearings.
Bent and flat mild steel parts - easily cut and bent. Steel angle used for link arms.
The front wheel assembly is supported by the Front Beam Support Brackets
Front and Rear - 10" Pneumatic Tyres with 5/8" Roller Bearings. These are commonly available as utility wagon spares and are inexpensive.
A tilted king pin axis is used to introduce some self-centring behaviour and lighten the steering.

Front Wheels and Supoorts

The kart front wheel steering assemblies are mainly made from easy to cut and bent steel flat or angle components. This avoids the use of welding or specialist machining equipment. The wheels are commonly available inexpensive 10" pneumatic wheels with pressed steels split type rims. The kart steering assemblies are handed - left & right, and are secured to the support beams by the tilted king pins. The overall steering geometry uses the Ackerman principal to control the wheel turn angles and so reduce scrub on cornering and the tilted king pins introduce a degree of self centring making the steering stable.


Follow the links for printable pdf sheets showing the overview with list of parts and all the part shapes and sizes. The overview sheet also included notes which describe how to assemble the brackets.

Remember to check out our Safety Guidance - always use your kart responsibly.

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Overview with List of Parts

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