Bright Steel Steering King Pins

Beam reinforcing bolts and washers.
Steel Upper and Lower Support Brackets

Front Beam Axle Wheel Support Fittings

The kart's front steering wheels are secured to the front beam using simple steel brackets and steel king pins. The brackets are fixed to the wooden beam with screws. Reinforcing bolts are used to strengthen the beam locally in the area of the most heavily loaded screws so ensuring the structural integrity of the wheel support under normal driving conditions.


Follow the links for printable pdf sheets showing the overview with list of parts and all the part shapes and sizes. The overview sheet also included notes which describe how to assemble the brackets so that the front wheels sit at the correct toe-in angle .

Remember to check out our Safety Guidance - always use your kart responsibly.

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Overview with List of Parts

Part Sizes - 1 - Paid-for only