Side pockets for rechargeable batteries formed from plywood panels.

Side panel spacing matches drive gearbox width.
Timber structural longerons and front beam for front wheel support.
Steering column support structure.
Seat base and back rest - cushions added later

The kart body is made up from glued and screwed wooden parts. Planed timber lengths for the structural longerons and front beam and plywood for the floor, side, seat and other panels. The resulting chassis is strong and stiff and forms a sound structural basis for the kart. The structure can be finished in the colour of your choice.

Follow the links for printable pdf sheets showing the overview with list of parts and all the part shapes and sizes. The assembly procedure sheet describes how to put the chassis together.

Remember to check out our Safety Guidance - always use your kart responsibly.

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Overview with List of Parts

Assembly Procedure 1 - 2 - 3

Part Sizes - 1 - 2 - Paid-For Only