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1500W Electric Kart - Page 2


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Preliminary Plans Set

1500W Electric Kart

DIY 1500W Electric Kart Preliminary Drawing - Password: kart


Normally I only make plans available on the site once I have built and tested a design for myself. I've made an exception to this for the 1500W kart design and have made up a set of engineering drawing for the kart which cover the main mechanical components and structure of the design. Due to time pressure of other projects it might be some time before I get around to building the kart and rather than just sit on the design I thought it might be better to make available a PRELIMINARY set of drawings for interested builders. I've bundled the set as a FREE bonus with the full Paid-For plans set available from the Plans Order page


These drawings are typical of those I would use for a prototype vehicle build - although I have tidied this set up a bit and added a number of important notes. The main thing to remember is that the design is untested so if you use the information do so with care and independently check the safety and function of your build.



So what's in the preliminary drawing set?


There are 6 A2 sized pdf sheets which cover the main elements of the kart. As well as the overview drawing shown above they cover -


Timber Chassis

Front Wheel Supports

Steering Column & Supports

Rear Electric Drive Components


The drawings identify the parts for the main mechanical structures and components. They do not cover safety covers, seat & seat belts, foot pedals or electrical circuitry. For guidance on a suitable electrical circuit refer to the detailed drawings for either the 1300W Yard Tractor or 1000W Voiturette. The electrical system will be similar with the main difference of using 3 x 12V batteries wired in series to give the 36V working voltage.

I hope the drawings will be of use - if you find any errors or see how the design can be improved let me know. Remember they are bundled as a FREE bonus with the plans currently available from the Plans Order page.


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