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Search the Built For Fun customised search engine for small quantity components and materials....

Tip - if you are not in the US add your country identifier to the search to get more localised results - eg uk, au, nz etc

For DIY'ers looking to buy parts in small numbers searching the internet for suppliers can be a real problem - many of the search results are for manufacturers who only supply large companies or distributors in large quantities. Out of necessity over the years I've found a good number of online suppliers from whom you can buy parts in smaller numbers. I've added them to this customised search engine and now the search engine searches over a hundred suppliers of engineering components and materials who can supply in small quantities online or by mail order.

Be sure to page down through the results however because I've not mastered the optimisation quite yet and many useful results may be found in the lower pages.

Still not found what you want? -  try the Suppliers Links Pages.


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