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Links to Interesting Sites

Here's a quick collection of kart, buggy, vehicle building and design related sites all of which I've found carry interesting content of various sorts. I've also added a few web site building/information sites that I've found useful. There may be a bit of overlap between the sections.


The Beginners Guide to Driving Electric Cars  -


A Complete Guide To Driving Electric & Hybrid Cars In The 21st Century


Other Builders' Sites
For other builders' resources and many other builders' work it's worth checking out the Austin EV's photo Album Austin EV's Photo Album
History and background of electric vehicles. Electric Auto Association (link no longer active) Interesting site for Kart building enthusiasts who prefer petrol over electric power. Extensive list of links for the homebuilt car user group. The group's interest is in road-going homebuilt vehicles. (link no longer active) Even smaller vehicles than on the SmallCarPlans site and many of these are road-going. Magazine and forum and links to individual members' cars. Another DIY IC driven kart/mini bike site with free online plans for builders with a preference for petrol. Technical information available and a forum too.

Builders of antique style replica's

Builders' Forums Active and knowledgeable forum covering many aspects of electric scooter/bike/vehicle building and running. Site seems to be up and down! Forum on electric vehicle technology. Atomic Zombie's extreme bikes, trikes and recumbents. The site includes a builders support forum. Forum for recumbent trike & bike builders and users.
Other Sources of Plans/Designs and Technical Information for EVs An extensive list of electric vehicle related links. (link no longer active) RC tank building site - but has several informative articles on EV related stuff and good for general research on DIY vehicle building. Informative site on road-going EV's and others - extensive list of EV related links, articles, forums etc.
Web/Site Design Related
Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content. If you have a web site and are looking to generate some income from it affiliate links might be worth looking at. Follow the link. A code based visitor and page counter for web masters. This is useful and gives great information about visitor paths, visit length, popular pages etc. Free starter version. Also has an active forum. Looking for help building a web site - you could do a lot worse than ask here. Tired of SPAM, does some still get through your spam filters? Maybe we can do something about it - report it! This site handles report organisation and delivery for you and maintains listings of blacklisted IP addresses etc that can be used by spam filtering software.
General Engineering Related Industrial technology magazine is free for qualifying readers. It contains lots of supplier links and articles to keep you up to date with current machine and product building technologies and is a good source of information. This page is their list of useful links.
DPT Fast Rapid Prototyping A US based rapid-prototyping company. I haven't tried these technologies yet but have been tempted. For producing low numbers of complex parts usually for prototyping and evaluation purposes, worth keeping an eye on especially if the component strengths produced by the techniques can sustain close to working loads.
Miscellaneous  A popular blog with a seemingly never ending list of interesting things to make. Extensive range of petrol powered kart parts - US based. UK based listing of model engineering links. UK based site providing an extensive range of model engineering, boat and plane plans. This is a great site. If you are looking for ideas for mechanical projects in  wood which are of a smaller scale than DIY vehicles have a look here. There are ideas for wooden mechanical toys and other useful builders'/designers' resources.
Design Directory An online directory of design - from engineering design to designing ceramics, web pages etc etc. Includes a designers' forum. - Completely unrelated to designing and building - a collection of images from the mountains of Scotland. - How to do DIY repairs on misted-up double glazing sealed units....


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