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The drawing sets contain a huge amount of detailed information and, despite my best efforts, it is inevitable that there will be the occasional error or omission. I apologise in advance for these - if you find one in the plans please let us know and it will be corrected.

We may also, from time to time, make improvements to designs which will also require updates to "paid-for" plans.

We will post here any updates made to individual drawing sheets to allow existing customers to keep their "paid-for" plan sets up to date. Updated sheets are included in the currently available downloads.

18-6-09 Sheets RCR2-S001-2 Raised to Rev 2 and RCR2-S008-2 raised to Rev 2 - affects the 500W kids kart plans. Adds missing dimension on the side panel and corrects dimensions on the foot accelerator brackets.

28-4-09 Sheets TRK1-S002-2 Raised to Rev 2 - affects both the single and double motor trike plans - single dimension correction on the side panel. And Sheets TRCR-S001-3 and TRCR-S005-2 Raised to Rev 2 which affect the 1300W Yard Tractor plans.

11-4-08 Linear Actuator Plans Raised to Rev 2 - I've added an additional sheet with details of a chain tension adjuster, added new rod lengths for a shorter design used with the Motion Platform 2, corrected the chain length and made some minor additions to the notes on the sheets. The affected drawing sheets have been raised to rev 2.

25-4-07 Voiturette Component and Materials List Raised to Rev 2 - Final 40T drive sprocket was missing from the list. Affects the Electric Voiturette.

23-2-07 Sheet F-TRK-S005 Raised to Rev 2 - I've corrected dimensions on Item 2 Fixing Plate on this sheet which had mistakenly been multiplied by a factor of 2 when the free plans version of this sheet was taken from my CAD software. The actual drawn part was to scale however. Affects the free 500W Kart plans only (not the paid for versions).

9-2-07 Sheet F-VTR-S008-2 Raised to Rev 2 - Although the number of teeth on the final drive sprocket can be counted from the drawing I omitted to put the full sprocket spec on the sheet - this has been corrected. The sprocket is a 40T 3/8" pitch sprocket. Buylist is not affected. Affects the Electric Voiturette plans.

1-5-06 Sheet TRL2-S008-1 Raised to Rev 2 - Widen wheel fixing plate from 30mm to 50mm to prevent loosening on drive axle if soft mild steel is used and/or slot hole is drilled oversize. Affects the 500W Powered Yard/Garden Trolley. Buylist for this vehicle updated to reflect change.

30-11-05 Sheet GBX2-A001-3 Raised to Rev 2 - Correction to typo on item 17 in parts list. Affects the Soap-Box Racer and Double Motor Gearbox (with brakes) plan sets.


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